Baidens Contracting Ltd

No job too big or too small!!


EXCAVATION - We have a range of excavators and trucks available

FOUNDATIONS - Digouts/backfills/site scrapes

DEMOLITION - All sizes catered for

ROADING - Kerb & Channel, Asphalt & Chip Sealing


AUGER - Post hole boring


Screened Soil for sale

$30.00 per m3 delivered free within the Hornby - Halswell - Rolleston - Lincoln radius
$45.00 per m3 incl delivery outside above areas

All sizes catered for from 1m3 through to semi loads
Please enquire for bulk rates, happy to negotiate

Common Questions

Is this soil suitable for gardens?

~ Absolutely!!  Our soil is screened down through a 5mm screen, coming out almost dust like.  It is perfect for new lawns and gardens.  We supply to Landscape Gardeners who have had fabulous strike rates.

We have a narrow driveway; how wide are the trucks?
~ The big trucks are are just over 3.0m incl mirrors or the smaller truck is 2.0m but can only carry 3m3 at a time.

How many cube would I need for 12 sqm?
~ The calculation is simple; just times the length and width of area to cover (12m2) by depth. Ideally you should allow for at least 100mm coverage as it does settle; so 12 x .100 will give you 1.2m3.

How much notice do you require for delivery?
~ We would love it if you could give us at least a days notice as we do have other bookings to cater to. In most cases we can deliver the following day.

Do you deliver on weekends?
~ All day Saturday is available and Sunday by agreement (even we love a day off)